About us

The core

Bidforwriting.com is one of the world's largest freelance platforms that specializes in writing. We started as a small team of writers and grew to a huge essay writing company that gives writers and all those in need of writing assistance a great place to meet and collaborate. Thousands of students choose to work with our freelancers throughout their studies.

Community of experts

We have been working on building a global community of writers, and the number of freelancers that offer their services on Bidforwriting.com is increasing every month by hundreds. Thus, on our website it is possible to find an expert in almost any field from literature to micro biology. And the entire process is simple, straightforward and clear. You find an expert, you work with them directly, no go-between.

Who writes for you?
Step 1. Account creation
First, the writer gets registered on our platform providing us with details on their identity, background and education, specifying the disciplines they specialize in and are interested to writer about.
Step 2. Verification
Second, our quality assurance team starts the process of verification of writer's identity and education. It's important to us that we are confident about people who work on our platform, so we do our best to avoid scammers, and only verify the accounts of real experts.
Step 3. Language test
This stage is especially important for the cases when writers from the non English speaking countries apply for the account. Along with the language test results we pay attention to experience of the writer, and review their work samples to define how quality their writing is.
Step 4. Continuous monitoring
In the first couple of weeks after writer's account was approved, we monitor how good they complete the orders, and how effective their communication with clients is. We've got a dedicated team that guarantees any misunderstandings are quickly resolved, and writers with poor work results get limited on the number of orders they can take or even expelled from our platform.
Let professionals cope with your writing task!
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