Privacy Policy

In this section you will find the information about the ways we deal with all the information we receive from you.
By using you by default agree with our Privacy Policy and the ways we use all the information received from you by be it in writing or via oral communication. The following policy can be revised and refined periodically. Please keep up with the latest updates from

During any and all your visits we can collect and process the following details:

  1. Your visit history (duration, source, pages visited, etc.)
  2. Your geographical location
  3. Your browser data
  4. OS type

Cookies and their use

Whenever you use a cookies file will be implanted into your hard drive. Please note that these files cannot transmit viruses or run any applications. Neither can they give us access to your computer. Cookie files can only be interacted with by the server that issued the file in the first place. The only purpose of these files is to customize your experience with During your internet session with us we may also collect some statistical data, like your IP, browser type, and domain. Please note that this information cannot possibly identify you in any way and only serves statistical purposes. The only purpose of Cookie files is to make your experience with easy and comfortable. When you register with us you will naturally insert some information you might need to replicate over and over again, like login details, name etc. Cookie files simply store this info and whenever you come back these files will trigger the auto fill sparing you the burden of doing it yourself. While we advise accepting cookie files, it is not obligatory to work with However, to have a full experience, you might consider cookies. Please note that some third party websites we work with may also use cookies, however we cannot be held accountable for their own Privacy Policies.

For effective communication and quality assurance purposes upon registration we require the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Valid phone number
  4. OS type

This information is stored in our database and is not accessible to anyone but you and only used to communicate with you.

Distribution and Information Disclosure

Any and all information you provide us with may be transferred to the main servers for processing and storage. In these situations, the information is stored in a secure and isolated environment with highly restricted access, for security reasons of course. Every step will be taken to prevent corruption, misuse or disclosure of your personal information. Safety above all.
To gain access to the private information an ID will be required and a password.
You can terminate your account at any given time. There will be 0 activity on your account and all the information will be frozen. No access will be given to any one and will remain frozen indefinitely.
By leaving a feedback you by default agree to us posting it here on the website. You can request for it to be removed at any given time, if you wish to protect your privacy more.
Please note that you share information online at your own risk, since the Internet is not a 100% secure method of sharing any information. reserves the right to disclose any and all information if legally pressed.
While all necessary steps are taken to keep your information safe, it is your responsibility to keep the login information secure and private to avoid problems with the account ownership.

Third Party Interference

While can from time to time work with third party companies, we do not take responsibility for their own Privacy Policies. We strongly advise you to look through their conditions before engaging in any contact with those third party companies.

Personal Information Security cannot gain access to your home computer and extract any data.

Relations to Advertising Agencies

While we do not share your personal information with any one, an abstract summary of “a client” can be given to the advertising company solely for exemplary purposes.
The same summary can be used to generate interest in a company and its services.
You can request to have your email removed from any marketing mail outs if you’d agreed to those previously.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

These Privacy Policies are subject to change and refinement by our management at any given reserves the right to do so with or without notifying the clients.
No personal information of yours will be used in any way. All the changes will be posted on the website for your convenience. Should you find the new policies unacceptable for any reason, you must stop using the website immediately and request for account termination.
Any consecutive use of the will be considered as a consent with the updated policies.