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Argumentative Essay: Step-by-Step Guide, Tips, Topic Ideas, Examples

What are argumentative essays?

The first step to succeeding in producing a top-notch argumentative essay is to define basic terms. According to academic sources, this is a genre of academic writing, a type of paperwork. It is focused on the total investigation of a subject from different sides. Such an approach allows a student to take one of the mentioned positions and argue it. 

The definition of an argumentative essay illustrates that an author is required to investigate a topic fully. It means to collect data, organize it, evaluate arguments and demonstrate a personal position. Usually, this paperwork means a writer has to hold empirical research to dive deep into the topic. For this reason, she or he could use surveys, interviews, primary or secondary sources, and other types of data. 

So it’s not easy to craft such a paper. For improving your tries, you should find out more about this task. Get ready to reveal argumentative writing structure, purposes, types, and techniques.

What are argumentative essays

What is the main goal of argumentative writing?

It requires the author to perform a comprehensive paper with one key purpose. All the evidence and arguments you collect and place in the text aim to convince readers to accept the conclusion. Otherwise, an author tries to make them consider it valid at least. 

At this point, you may think that argumentative essay writing is very similar to persuasive papers. Not at all! Persuasive texts aim to make readers agree with the author by using emotions, theories, personal thoughts, etc. Such texts use statistics, facts, and other evidence to convince individuals or make them assume the findings. 

If you have already written argumentative essays then you’ll know how to start it. If you haven’t then keep diving deep into its features and particularities. Those are fundamentals to improve your academic opportunities and succeed. 

Which is a characteristic of an argument paper?

First of all, the author of this paper aims to make readers agree or think about it. This is one of the distinctive features of this paperwork. Also, you need to clarify other characteristics of an argumentative essay.

For instance, the text must be based on logical approaches, and use reasonable evidence. This fundament is the one appropriate for arguing your position. 

Also, a writer has to share opposite positions. Placing alternative views make your paper honest and let readers freedom of choice. Don’t forget that your content will appeal to individuals’ minds, not hearts. 

In addition, there’s no need to investigate your audience. You aim to illustrate to the audience several views, describe your position, and let them choose the side. You’re not interested in persuading people no matter what. 

How to write a good thesis for an argumentative essay?

Your thesis for an argumentative essay is 1-2 sentences but not a whole page of text. This is the main idea of your assignment. It must be placed in the introduction of the paper. Its goal is to present the argument you are going to investigate. 

There’re 3 steps to crafting a thesis for an argumentative essay. Firstly, build a question based on your topic. Your answer is the thesis. The method is simple but efficient.

Secondly, use and refute your argument. This is a contrasting approach. It allows an author to make quick comments to support the original idea. Thanks to being on the opposite side, you can easily collect enough statements. Then, build your thesis based on those statements.

And finally, make a blueprint of the main point of your assignment. In this way, you’ll clarify your main ideas and make them accessible to readers. 

How to write a good thesis for an argumentative essay

What are the 5 main parts of an argumentative essay?

The first feature of your text that attracts attention is its structure. The argumentative essay layout includes several standard and additional parts. 

The paper starts with a clear and coherent thesis statement. You have to cover several goals in the introduction of an argumentative essay. Firstly, reveal the general overview of the topic. Then explain the value of your paperwork. And finally, add your thesis. 

The key part of the structure of an argumentative essay is a body chapter. It consists of several paragraphs with evidential support. Every paragraph is dedicated to the exact argument. Aso, all sections must be connected with the common idea and contain a warrant. A warrant is an explanation of how every argument is related to the thesis. 

In the end, prepare the conclusion. Among all parts of an argumentative essay, it must restate arguments and illustrate your position. 

Besides, between all paragraphs, you should make a quick transition. Usually, such sentences are added between intro and body plus between body and conclusions. Thanks to these extra phrases, you can avoid perception collapse in your argumentative essay structure. 

How to write an argumentative essay?

Crafting this paper includes standard recommendations on academic writing. The key focus is on researching and taking advantage of it. Overall, the writing process looks this way.

Firstly, you have to brainstorm. It relates to argumentative essay models, topics, data, etc. A writer is interested in selecting the best techniques, subjects, and arguments to craft a top-notch assignment. At this stage, you have to use your creative thinking and analytical skills. 

Nota bene! If you have a topic – then start drafting a paper. If you don’t have it then pick the one from our list of argumentative essay topics.

Then keep preparing for writing an argumentative essay outline. Collect arguments any way you can (research, surveys, etc.). Your goal is to prove the idea to the audience. And it’s possible only by supporting your thesis with relevant evidence. 

The most long-term stage is writing as it is. You have to draft an intro, body, and conclusions according to up-to-date rules. Before you keep going further, it’s highly recommended to refresh the key particularities of this paperwork. 

The final action is revising the content, format, and additional sections. Make sure your paper has no mistakes and is tested for plagiarism. 

What are the 3 techniques for writing argumentative essays?

Depending on the technique you use in writing, 3 argumentative essay types could be distinguished. Among them are using logical, emotional, or ethical arguments.

An emotional argument helps to catch readers’ attention. Such evidence appeals to emotions, for instance, humor, fear, happiness, etc. They are meant to build a human connection with your audience. 

A logical argument appeals to clear statements. They must be reasonable and confirmed by respected sources. If you overuse logical claims you can ruin the balance and format of your argumentative essay.

An ethical argument illustrates the author is an open-minded, honest, and respectful individual. You can show your confidence in the topic and avoid pressing readers. 

The best technique is a balanced mix of all of them. You should rely on strong, honest, and relevant evidence to make your paperwork worthy. 

Argumentative essay writing tips

The basic how-to is great for new writers. But it’s always better to have a few more tricks up his sleeve. Professional writers in writing companies have shared several great ones. 

Start your preparation by collecting only relevant data for your paper. This hint means that selecting resources for writing is a very responsible step. You can’t use sources without a trustworthy background.

Keep in mind to format argumentative essays according to manuals. It depends on the preferred academic style. For instance, Chicago, APA, MLA, etc. 

Also, don’t add new info in the conclusion. This part permits restating the thesis, reviewing your goals, etc. But any new information isn’t allowed. You should use this chapter to impress readers with your final words. 

During writing, you must prefer clear transitions. Among argumentative essay transition words, you can use “first/second/third”, “in spite of/on the other hand”, “likewise/just as”, etc. 

In the end, re-read your content. Before you set up an argumentative essay, you may make mistakes and misprints. It’s much more important than you think!

All these simple tips for argumentative essay writing help an author to realize the initial goals. So try them on! 

Argumentative essay writing tips
Argumentative essay writing tips

What are good topics for argument essays?

Finding a decent topic for a paper is a challenge. It takes time and much analytical effort. Most students don’t believe it could be a problem. But only before they face it. So you have to focus and make a rational selection. Thus, your academic fate depends on it now. 

Are you looking for the best topic for an argumentative essay? Here is the list of them. Choose the one you’d like to write about. 

1. Is it humane to carry out the death penalty?

2. What are the key moral aspects of making human clones?

3. Does the LGBTQ community harm children’s development?

4. Which book is better: printed or electronic?

5. Is homework an efficient tool in education?

6. Can video games increase assault rates among kids?

7. What is the best modern ideology nowadays?

8. Show the beauty contests be canceled?

9. How the slavery changed the current American nation?

10. What is better: a book or movie?

The core particularity of a great topic is its variability. It may contain 2 and more sides so an author and its audience could take. So come up with a great idea or write an essay on argumentative topics from this list. 

We also thought you might benefit from another small list of popular topics for argumentative essays and have grouped them by subject area.Additional hint! Select the topic that inspires you, provokes interest, and makes you excited. Otherwise, you risk failing this assignment. The lack of your interest will cause mistakes and poor content in the end. 


  • increasing of minimal earnings;
  • equal salary for males and females;
  • laboring of children;
  • economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic;
  • competition of small business and business barons;
  • tourist industry during a pandemic;
  • supply and demand balance;
  • season earnings and their influence on the economics;
  • the profits of the fashion industry;
  • ways of sales-boosting for a small store.


  • the most effective measurements to protect vandalism;
  • strict censure implementation;
  • the importance of studying;
  • the interaction of governmental politics and culture;
  • multinational countries and their lifestyle;
  • armed conflicts and their impact on the culture;
  • the connection of Islamic culture and terrorism;
  • religion and cultural environment;
  • heavy metal history;
  • the interrelation of culture and communication.


  • promotion of pharmaceutical products by medical staff;
  • obligatory vaccination for school children;
  • genetically modified products and their impact on the human body;
  • obesity as a psychological disorder;
  • permission for smoking electronic cigarettes in public;
  • the most health-destroying jobs;
  • electronic signals and their influence on the brain;
  • mental causes of gambling;
  • the most nutritious weightless products;
  • immunity-boosting methods.

Additional hint! Select the topic that inspires you, provokes interest, and makes you excited. Otherwise, you risk failing this assignment. The lack of your interest will cause mistakes and poor content in the end. 

Good Argument Essay Examples

Top-notch argumentative sample essays are your everything in writing. Thanks to such golden standards, you can reveal many useful tips. For instance, a good topic for an argumentative essay, original composition, nice attention getters, and so on. Let’s analyze several useful samples. 

The one text starts by giving a general overview of a counter-argument. Then the body will contain an explanation of why readers should take the opposite side of the problem.

Another paper is focused on developing two opposite sides of one issue. The author explained them parallelly. The main part includes evidence for and against in equal quantities. 

Before you use argumentative essay ideas, make sure that your templates are decent. Select only high-quality samples to repeat their success. Por quality papers will only harm your original paperwork. 

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  1. What is a key feature of a decent argumentative essay?

    A good text for college contains enough arguments to make people agree. At least, they should consider its relevance. Actually, there is no single core particularity when you write argumentative essays. You must meet the list of academic requirements.
  2. What are the main parts of it?

    It consists of the intro, body, and summary. This is a classic structure in academic circles. Of course, constituent parts of this paper have several particularities. So read our article to reveal useful hints. 
  3. How to find the best argumentative essay example?

    Every sample may be useful for you. And each one is original. But if you’re looking for the best templates then check the golden standards of Bidforwriting. 
  4. How to get my argumentative paper at Bidforwriting?

    Just let our service know you want us to help in your education. Make an order on our website using the relevant form. Also, you can chat with a manager for this reason. We’ll start doing your paperwork immediately!
  5. What is the price for argumentative essay writing?

    Depending on the number of pages, deadlines, and other features, the fee varies. In general, you can get your paperwork done just for $14.
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