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Argumentative Essay: Review, Example, Range Of Topic Ideas

If you wrestle with a subject, what an argumentative essay is, how to write it correctly to receive a high grade, you have found what you need. This article observes the most significant points of this academic paper. Following these recommendations, you can easily craft your argumentative essay even without any writing experience. And a wide range of topics will help you choose the best one for easy and smooth writing. Let’s start with a brief review of the theoretical part.

Argumentative Essay: Definition, Purpose, General Characteristics

An argumentative essay is a type of academic assignment that discloses two opinions upon one question, subject, or issue.  It can represent the arguments with equal power or highlight one only. 

This paper aims to provide convincing arguments and represent the entire picture of the object or events. Evidence plays a crucial role, but just mentioning it is not enough. A writer must explain how they connect to the core thought stated in the assignment, highlighting their connection.

An argumentative essay requires deep research and analysis without raw data listing. Also, it must not include emotional appeal while persuading the readers. A writer must focus on sustaining a personal position. That is the main task of the paper.

Argumentative writing boosts analyzing skills. It teaches structuring thoughts, finding connections and outcomes, which come in handy in various life situations. Mastering this technique can give you the knowledge of how to convince your potential customer, provide evidence tactically and correctly. Also, a writer should review a lot of information on some particular subject that trains the mental processes. Knowing how to design an argumentative essay is not simply a done task on a discipline, but numerous educational benefits and scientific experience.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

Start from the definition scrutinizing to get a complete insight into it. Use your competitive and convincing skills extensively. Choosing a suitable topic is the first issue you will collapse. Before writing an essay, investigate the following facts;

  • thoroughly check the facts;
  • discover the context information;
  • make sure that the subject of discussion is relevant;
  • select the specific arguments only;
  • seek the convincing evidence;
  • exclude apparent themes with «yes-no» answer;
  • examine the opposite opinions and their fundamental principles.

Once you have chosen the topic with enough information, gather the facts. Start writing an outline, structuring your thoughts the following way:

  • Introduction with a catchy beginning, background information, and a thesis judgment;
  • body paragraphs with the core arguments (devote one chapter to a separate thought);
  • a counterargument to enhance the power of your statement;
  • a conclusion with analysis of the most significant findings, call-to-action appeal, perspectives review.

In an argumentative paper, avoid balancing two contradictory positions. Abide by one instead and prove its reasonability. Fulfill your essay with your personal opinion, thoughts, ideas, perspective views basing on facts. 

Even if the topic is open-and-shut to you, do not neglect an outline. It is priceless for structuring your thoughts and corrections in the writing work proceeds.

Useful Tips

Here are a few helpful tips for writing an argumentative essay basing on the most frequent mistakes among students:

  • avoid using lexis with uncertain sense («perhaps,» «might,» «probably,» etc.);
  • do not arrogate the thoughts of experts, use citations properly;
  • Exclude moral and ethical evidence, base on the facts and statistics only.

Elude diminishing the contradictory point of view. Representing it under a cloud looks unprofessional and incompetent. You should develop a tactic to show your truth. To figure out, what is going on in the minds of opponents, put yourself in their position. Think who would agree with this point of view and why do they think differently. Give precise attention to evidence evaluation. Think about why it is meaningful, what connects it with the thesis statement.

When writing an argumentative essay, speak in the first person. Since you are proving your opinion, it is appropriate to say «I.» During your search, write down all applicable references to keep the collected information oil order. That will save your time during the formatting stage. When the ground topic information is unreal to find on the Internet, seek in libraries or archives.  

Double-check your work for grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes before you give it to your professor. 

Argumentative Essay Topics 

Relevant and appealing topics have high chances for success. Guide by your personal preferences and choose the most debatable subject from the list.


  • increasing of minimal earnings;
  • equal salary for males and females;
  • laboring of children;
  • economic consequences of COVID-19 pandemic;
  • competition of small business and business barons;
  • tourist industry during a pandemic;
  • supply and demand balance;
  • season earnings and their influence on the economics;
  • the profits of the fashion industry;
  • ways of sales-boosting for a small store.


  • the most effective measurements to protect vandalism;
  • strict censure implementation;
  • the importance of studying;
  • the interaction of governmental politics and culture;
  • multinational countries and their lifestyle;
  • armed conflicts and their impact on the culture;
  • the connection of Islamic culture and terrorism;
  • religion and cultural environment;
  • heavy metal history;
  • the interrelation of culture and communication.


  • promotion of pharmaceutical products by medical staff;
  • obligatory vaccination for school children;
  • genetically modified products and their impact on the human body;
  • obesity as a psychological disorder;
  • permission for smoking electronic cigarettes in public;
  • the most health-destroying jobs;
  • electronic signals and their influence on the brain;
  • mental causes of gambling;
  • the most nutritious weightless products;
  • immunity-boosting methods.

Choosing one of the offered themes can be appealing because all of them affect our being nowadays. The best one is the topic that matches your and your audience’s interests.

Example of Argumentative Essay

Here is a sample of an argumentative essay on the topic «Freedom of speech.»

Freedom of speech is the constitutional right of each person or community to claim their point of view or ideas in a written or verbal format without discrimination or censure. Free expressions evoke changes in society, making it develop. However, the prohibiting measures accompany freedom of speech of the time, suppressing the beliefs and opinions of the minorities.

Governmental politics struggle with the views which undermine the government and sovereignty, racial conflicts, anarchy, etc.

Freedom of speech possesses positive and negative aspects. The positive one lies in allowing people to stimulate developmental problems, offering the solutions to better changes without governmental punishment. Only the society without fear can progress. The constitution of all states determines it is the first and primary right of each citizen. Being the first principle of democracy concept, it excludes a totalitarian form of government. 

One of the disadvantages of free opinion expressing is its harmful effect without imitations. Numerous provocations can get into the mass media due to it. Misusing this constitutional right may cause scandals of the state scale and severe conflicts. 

By and large, freedom of speech is an efficient tool to implement positive new changes. Regulated by law, free expressions do not constitute a threat, being a pure sign of democracy.

Summing Up

An argumentative essay is easy to write when you have a streamlined opinion on some contentious issue. Hence, a successful choice of topic determines the entire working process. Choose the topic, which you know well or at least familiar with it. Then you can develop your point of view and can explore it from a different side easily. Use the relevant information only from credible sources published not earlier than five-ten years ago.

An essay must include your arguments and evidence. Discuss all pros and cons and deliver this information in detail, choosing the most significant factors that define the main thought. Each statement must relate to the thesis and support it. 

The main task of a writer is to assure the readers of the correctness of the judgment. Therefore, the manner of communication should be official, confident, and convincing. No emotional language is applicable for an argumentative essay but strict facts and evidence only. 

Logically chained parts should flow smoothly, fulfill each other. These must generate the entire picture of the situation with the eyes of an author. A primary essay idea, thesis statement, arguments, and evidence should be clear. Avoid ambiguous expressions.

Help From Experts

With all the recommendations, sometimes designing an academic paper according to all standards is uneasy. If you experience a lack of time or are overburdened with the task, which makes fitting the deadline frames complicating, there is a sense to order custom writing services.

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The benefits of ordering our services are:

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  • payback if you are completely unhappy with the received paper.

Our customers have already estimated the quality of our services. They all have saved plenty of time on the tedious writing process. You pay for the quality and your peaceful time. If you write your first academic paper and do not know how to manage your thoughts, ordering the first professionally done sample will serve as a sample for your future works. Join the community of our satisfied customers. Get a high grade effortless. 

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