Persuasive Essay: Writing Guide, Format, Types, Topic Ideas, and Outlines

You’re writing a persuasive essay or aiming to do it soon. It means that you need to know everything about …

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Informative Speech: Steps for Writing, Writing Tips, Topic

What is an informative speech? Writing decent speaking starts with a clear grasp of what is an informative speech. You …

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How to Write a News Article – A Simple Guide

News stories are typically written in a straight-forward, objective style. However, the tone of your story will depend on the …

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Reflection Paper: What It Is

At present, being a student is not associated only with having fun and making new friends. Young people are supposed …

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Reflective Essay: How to write, Tips, Example

Are you a student of the university, a graduate of high school, or an educator of college? This means you …

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Argumentative Essay: Step-by-Step Guide, Tips, Topic Ideas, Examples

What are argumentative essays? The first step to succeeding in producing a top-notch argumentative essay is to define basic terms. …

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A Helpful Guide To Find A Job For Students According To The Skills

The employee market does not stand in one place. Those who seek their first job or only gaining professional experience …

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Writing A Narrative Essay: What To Pay Attention To, Choice Of Topics

During the learning process, students are asked to create various types of essays and papers. All of them may vary …

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Letter Of Intent (LOI): What is, How to write, Examples

You know that you can do the job better than other applicants. However, your potential hirer is not aware of …

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Essay Outline Writing: How to write, Guide, Template

Now it’s time to do your homework again. Whether your paperwork is simple or advanced, you must work hard to …

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What Is Ama Citation?

While writing any type of academic paper, a student needs to cite mentioned sources of other authors to keep a …

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