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Debate Topics And Useful Tips

Debate Topics And Useful Tips For The Performance

What are debates? In most cases, it is a contest or a competition. In some cases, it could be a simple performance without any signs of competition. One way or another, it is a speaking process where you need to defend your position, idea, or belief. 

You may often see how the debaters try to achieve a compromise using different techniques. It is important to get prepared for the performance. No one wants to lose the debates. But how should you get ready for the debates? 

It is important to find convincing arguments, make up great ideas and make the audience think in the way you think. The mission seems impossible or at least quite challenging. If you want to manage it, you need knowledge and skills. 

What do students struggle with usually? They are afraid to behave incorrectly, forget about the idea, or provide not convincing arguments. But you should take it easy. It is not the most important debate. So, you should make it fun and enjoy the process. 

You can easily enjoy the atmosphere if you are well prepared for it. The best way to start your preparation is to choose a relevant topic. Let’s see how you can do it at ease!

Main Tips That Helps You to Choose a Good Topic

If you choose an exciting topic, the audience will listen to you. Competing debates are always exciting. The scale of the event doesn’t matter. You can participate in school debates or give your performance on a big stage. 

What should you remember when choosing a topic? There are several points to remember:

  • First of all, know your audience. You need to identify the people who will listen to you. Are they students? Or will you interact with the professors or guests? The choice should depend on the audience.
  • When you know your audience, you can think of the topic. What is the subject for discussion? Usually, there are some hints or the topic of the event. Therefore, you should mention this information when considering the topic for the debates. 
  • Don’t use too challenging topics. Your primary focus is the audience and the type of event. You should understand if it is relevant to discuss politics or health issues. Or it is better to consider some less provocative themes. 
  • Choose the topic that is interesting for you. When you’re passionate about the topic, you can easily convince the listeners. It would be best if you chose the subject that you adore talking about. Or where you have a great experience. 

These easy tips will be helpful for you. Using them, you can choose a topic. If you take these tips into account, you will select a relevant topic for discussion. 

The Best Topics for Debates: A Complete List of Topics

You can think of the topic on your own. You know the requirements and can make up the best topic for your occasion. But if you lack imagination, this list of topics may help you. 

Convincing Topics for Students

  1. Do students need homework? Does it bring any fruits? 
  2. Do students need to use phones and the Internet in schools and colleges? Is it possible to ban the use of smartphones?
  3. Do you need to go to college to land a nice job? Is it necessary to be educated?
  4. Can students choose the classes on their own? 
  5. Do you consider that abortion is murder? Should it be banned? 
  6. What is the effect of social media on teens? 
  7. Is pregnancy at a young age something new now? 
  8. Do you need a college education to be a successful personality in the future? 
  9. Does playing games bring any benefit? 

Great Debate Topics

  1. What is the difference between public and private schools? 
  2. Do we need more private schools? 
  3. What is the liability of teachers in schools?
  4. Are all the students graded well? 
  5. Do students need to participate in a college education? 
  6. Is it necessary to learn a foreign language?
  7. How many subjects should a student have? 
  8. How does home education differ from regular education? Which one is better?
  9. What are the flaws of the current education system?

Perfect Topics for Social Debates

  1. Do people need to stick to the legislation? 
  2. Why do some people are against new rules? 
  3. What if people are engaged in cloning? 
  4. Is it a good idea to make the use of marijuana legal?
  5. Is euthanasia a good option? Can people choose it on their own? 
  6. What is better: an electronic book or a printed one?
  7. Do women need to do abortions? Who is to decide? 
  8. Why do people start using drugs?
  9. Is it possible to get rid of alcohol addiction? 
  10. Who is a patriot? Can anyone be considered a patriot? 

How to Perform Well on the Stage

We have discussed the topics. There are 30 topics you can choose from. But choosing a topic is not a key to a successful performance. To perform well on the stage, you need to pay attention to a whole lot of other aspects. 

Let’s discuss some of them. We hope that our tips will make you less nervous and enhance your productivity during the debates. 

Choose Your Posture

When you go to the stage, you will be performing in front of a group of people. The group can be small. Or it can be quite big and enumerate hundreds of people. One way or another, you need to stand correctly. 

Different investigations prove the influence of the posture on live performance. If you stand still, you won’t convince the listener. You need to show mimics and use your hands. Using gestures is a must. It is important to work on your behavior on the stage.

You should also pay attention to your spine. It should be straight. Try to look confident and to show your confidence with your body position. 

Speak Clearly

When debating, you need to use a loud voice. It is necessary to express your ideas clearly. If your voice is unclear, the audience won’t understand you. For this reason, it is important to develop a loud and deep tone of voice. 

When you speak correctly, your listeners will comprehend the information correctly. Another aspect concerns your language. You should choose relevant phrases and collocations to communicate with the audience. If you misuse them, you can lose the trust of your audience. 

For this reason, it is better to always check your audience and learn what type of communication is great for them. 

Use Eye Contact

If you want to win the hearts of your listeners, you should maintain eye contact. It is difficult to find a person to look at. For this reason, you can concentrate on a specific row in the auditorium. Or you can choose different groups of people and address your message to them. 

The choice of strategy is yours. But remember that maintaining eye contact is a must. If you want to keep the communication alive, you should be with your listener. 

Follow the Order 

You may get passionate about the performance. But it would be best if you didn’t forget about the order. So, if you developed a plan, you should stick to it to do your best performance. 

Also, you should always be ready to change the plan depending on the situation.  But if you mess it all up, you will lose the debates. 

Try to Be Polite

It is easy to lose temper and try to win the debates in the wrong way. But it would be best if you were calm and polite. Use only relevant facts and proven data. You need to win the interlocutor with your strong understanding of the topic. 

Let’s Sum It Up

Working on the debate speech is challenging. You need to think about different details that are very important in a particular context. You can’t forget crucial elements. If you lose your point, you can lose the debates. 

Choosing a topic is the most essential and crucial part of preparing for a debate. To make it easier for you, we offer a list of the most relevant and exciting topics. You can easily use our list of topics or use your theme.

There are also tips to cope with your nerves. If you are nervous during the debates, you should remember the simple rules. They are easy but necessary to follow. If you use them, your performance will be outstanding. 

Do You Need Help?

Working on the debate speech is complicated. You may not be sure about the topic. Or you may have little time for preparing the arguments. If you need extra help, you have come to the right place. 

Our company offers online help to students. We can work on your debates. We will develop an excellent speech so that you can beat your opponent. 

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