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Informative Speech: Steps for Writing, Writing Tips, Topic

What is an informative speech?

Writing decent speaking starts with a clear grasp of what is an informative speech. You want to clarify tasks to be able to cover them in paperwork. So let’s shed light on all. Don’t forget that public speaking, informative speech are common titles for the same work. 

According to its title, this is a type of text dedicated to informing the audience. The primary goal of an information speech is to educate listeners. A speaker may also teach the audience. 

Moreover, the informative speech meaning may confuse. That’s why you need the simplest and most lucid informative speech definition. In plain words, this is a performance focused on delivering people relevant data on a certain topic. 

Let’s imagine you’re talking about any online task manager. Then you’ve to present to the audience useful features of the essay writing service, pros, and other useful facts. Another example – you aspire to teach the audience about Ozaki Koyo. So you have to acquaint listeners with his journey through life and creative work. 

What is an informative speech

The facts you are going to share are defined by topics as well. Indeed, you should find out more about this type of essay. Let’s focus on goals, outlines, structure, and tips for informative speech.

What is the purpose of an informative speech?

Any speaking begins with purposes – both general and specific. The general one is quite obvious – to inform people. The speaker may use anything he or she considers worthy attention and listeners are ready to consume. A specific informative speech purpose may vary depending on the type of talking you plan to develop. 

Intentions matter. Because of them, you may not only share information about something or someone. Also, you’re able to perform extra tasks. For instance, to provoke interest, intrigue, encourage, etc. 

This task gives a speaker a chance to practice different academic skills. For example, to do research, collect data, organize content, and speak to a wide audience. 

Before you start making an outline and writing the first draft, you should consider the concept of an informative speech. You must ask yourself a question: “What is the purpose of my talking?”. Your answer should include things the audience should obtain after listening to your performance. 

So to identify and realize all goals properly, you should clarify not only the content of drafts. You must select the depth of info, the way of presenting facts, and the aftertaste your target audience has in the end. 

What are the 5 types of informative speeches?

There are many classifications of it. Anyway, none of them is absolute. We can distinguish these essays by the length into short or long. It is also possible to divide them according to the purpose into descriptive, explanatory, definition, and demonstrative types. 

Today we’re going to focus on the subject the speaker is focused on. Here are the 5 types of informative speeches: about objects, people, procedures, concepts, and events. 

Performances about objects are a very wide category of topics. A speaker may create speakings about objects describing anything that exists or existed in the world. For instance, a place, animal, item, etc. An example of such talking is describing the lifestyle of Calibri. 

In preparing a draft about people, the main focuses are individuals. That’s why content should cover his or her biography, famous accomplishments, ideas, and other subjects of life. Don’t try to add every fact about people. Just concentrate on key facts only. Speakers may talk about anyone, for instance, George Orwell, Elisabeth II, Jane Austin, and other personalities alive or dead. 

By writing performances about procedures, you are concerned with the actions, processes, or patterns. A good example of this category is an informative speech about a sleep process including its importance and stages. 

In a performance about a concept, you can explain a theory, an idea, a belief, and so on. While making such an assignment it’s important to keep a neutral tone of voice and avoid persuasion. We can mention the philosophy of feminism as a proper example in this category. 

And finally, in talking about the event, you may describe what had happened in the past, what is happening now, or what will happen in the future. Such texts are often used in learning history. A good example is the description of the Battle of Waterloo. 

No matter the type, informative speaking is meant to deliver information from a speaker to a listener. 

What is the most common type of informative speech?

Depending on the target audience and speaker, all types of talking are in demand. All of these types are regularly prepared by speakers. Someone aspires to deliver information, and someone desires to consume it. This is a circle of life. 

Overall, the most popular type of informative speech is a lecture. The reason for its popularity is quite obvious. According to UNESCO, there are approximately 97 million students nowadays. And this number would have increased up to 260 million in 2025. They all are focused on studying and consuming information. 

A lecture as an example of an informative speech isn’t meant to persuade students in anything. It aims only to present a theory, fact, personality, and so on. Plus it aspires to encourage them to follow up study. A speaker just lets the audience decide what to do with the newly received facts. 

As a student, you have heard hundreds and even thousands of performances. Tutors in school and professors in college prepared the most essential information for you. It is meant to let you get informed well before diving deep into homework. 

Tips for Making An Outline

An informative speech outline is divided into complete or speaking only. The first type, the complete outline, means writing a complete paper. However, it isn’t obligatory for public performances. It helps to hold a comprehensive preparation and makes sure you don’t skip anything important.

The second type, the speaking outline, is similar to the brief compendium. It contains the key facts and resembles bare bones. Usually, such an outline is written on cards. Then, the speaker changes them and reminds the key statements of the informative speech.

So it’s up to you to prefer the exact option among these types of outlines for informative speeches. Prefer the most comfortable option. This is one of the simplest but efficient hints for all writers and speakers. 

Let’s mention several important informative speaking tips for you. It’s important to analyze listeners before outlining. You should illustrate the importance of the information in performance. Also, prefer appropriate vocabulary and try to express information with examples.

What is a good topic for public speaking?

What is an informative speech about? It depends on topics only. The subject is in the spotlight.

Let’s see several good informative speech topics in different areas you can choose from.

What is a good topic for public speaking

1. Education. In the light of COVID-19, the popularity of E-learning has grown. Nowadays it tops the ratings.

2. Business. This is an easy topic for an informative speech. It is always warmly accepted by audiences interested in business and not really. 

3. Technology. We can admit the growing role of modern technologies. So speakers often make performances about IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, and other technological subjects. 

4. Science. Basic insights about scientific events or processes are great. They are useful for the overall development of a personality. 

5. Healthy lifestyle. Sports informative speech topics have always provoked interest among individuals.  Such performances are on top too.

NB! Listeners aren’t familiar with the informative speech topic now. Before they hear a word from you they know nothing about the topic. For this reason, applied content in a text should match its portrait. They are individuals who don’t know anything about the mentioned subjects. For instance, you describe the milk pasteurization process. Then you have to explain every unknown term to the audience and don’t skip things that might seem obvious to you as an expert. 

So you must present info progressively. So start from the basics and go deeper to disclose the original informative speech idea. 

What is the structure of a speech?

Usually, the structure of an informative speech is standard. It includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Anyway, there are vitally important features of each part of a draft. Both a speaker and a listener will take advantage of clear, reasonable, and logical structure. 

The intro always opens performances and makes the first impression. It sets the mood, tone of voice, and perception of the content you are going to voice. Although this section is brief you need to place many elements here. Among them are hook phrases, a thesis for an informative speech, transition sentences for the main part, etc. 

In the body, you’ll have enough “space” to deliver all the informative statements referred to as subjects. Speakers’ focuses are on the main ideas and additional content. Also, you should make references to decent research, respected scientists, etc.

The conclusion serves as a summary of all parts of an informative speech. The speaker must wrap up the mentioned content. It’s great to restate key points and make a catchy, brilliant closing. 

This informative speech structure has many sub-elements to pay extra attention to.  For instance, transition sentences are required at the end of every section and essay help to smooth storylines. 

How to Write an Informative Speech?

The format of an informative speech is challenging for a student. But you should use relevant guidelines to produce a worthy paper. In general, the writing process includes 6 steps.

How to Write an Informative Speech

Step #1. Pick a topic. Public speaking will be based on the subject you plan to describe. Content may illustrate the exact event, theory, process, place, subject, person, and so on.

Step #2. Create a blueprint. This is a time to outline. You may prefer one of 2 possible types of an informative speech outline template. That is a complete or a speaking one.

Step #3. Write an intro. The opening paragraph of performances includes a catchy hook. Usually, speakers use rhetorical questions, stories, jokes, quotations, etc. Other attention getters are welcomed too

Step #4. Craft the main part. This is the place where you can shine as a speaker. Prepare for this section all facts, arguments, and details. 

Step #5. Wrap up the summary. Conclusions are the last several phrases you can voice. That’s why you should restate the key statements. It’ll make a proper aftertaste for listeners of performances.

Step #6. Make corrections. Edit drafts to make sure it’s magnificent. 

Remember that experiencing stress during informative speech writing is a common thing. You may doubt using the exact fact and worry about the proper tone of voice. But it’s okay! Just keep practicing. Soon you’ll improve your performance. Also, you may always rely on a master with a diploma in writing. 

What should you not do in an essay?

Now pay attention to several informative speeches samples. You’ll see that most golden standards don’t contain anything but information. That’s the key rule in preparing paperwork. Thus, there are several things an author should avoid during crafting an outline. 

Mistake #1 is adding persuasive elements. It’s quite hard to keep a balance and don’t try to persuade the audience. But keep in mind! That this isn’t a goal of public speaking. 

Also, expert informative speech tips focus on making other popular mistakes. For instance, forget to make pauses or make too quick repeats. Losing eye contact with listeners, overusing gestures and lack of motivation aren’t allowed too.

The goals are to inform audiences and teach them something new. Also, try to make listeners feel comfortable and remember speaking with positive expressions. 

Hire experts to prepare you for successful performance

Well, writing informative speeches is similar to science. You need to obtain expertise in this field to master paperwork. Otherwise, hire an individual assistant to create paperwork.

Bidforwriting is a proficient and reliable company you can rely on. Our specialists are ready to perform all steps to writing an informative speech instead of you. Our team has advanced skills, professionalism, and personal responsibility. That’s why we’ll impress you and help you impress target audiences. 

Together with us, you’ll obtain ready-made assignments just in time and with desired advantages. So let us present our services to you!


  1. What does the writing process look like?

    This is a long process that includes selecting a topic, developing an outline, and training in public speaking. If you want to reveal more tips and step-by-step guidelines on how to create an informative speech you should attentively read our relevant article. 
  2. What is the most important thing to remember?

    There are many nuances in preparing for performance while writing an essay. Overall, the most important thing is to clarify the goals of the paperwork. Also, selecting a decent, up-to-date, and impressive topic for an informative speech matters the world now. 
  3. What are the best topics for public speaking?

    Speakers with science, technology, relationships, and ecology performances get the best applause. Anyway, there are many great topics, and several examples you can find in the following article.
  4. How to purchase an essay online made by BidforWriting writers?

    Our team produces brilliant and flawless papers for school, college, and university students. You can place an order on our platform in 3 steps. Just fill out the relevant form, wait, and download a ready-made, unique assignment.
  5. What is the price for public speaking writing?

    The final fee for an essay depends on the number of pages, deadline, and other factors. In general, our pricing starts at $14.

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