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An Informative Speech: Writing Process Review, The Choice Of Themes

Preparing for an informative speech involves two steps-process: writing the text and representing it to the public. This article provides extensive information about the writing stage, examining the most significant aspect. Following it, you can create an impressive speech for your class or a larger audience. If you are stuck with choosing a suitable topic, the article will come in handy either. A bunch of included topic ideas will inspire you.

A Informative Speech: Definition and Characteristics

An informative speech is a public message about society, occasions, processes, places, or issues. Its primary purpose it teaching the listeners. Therefore, the task of a writer is delivering facts avoiding persuasive tactics. Presenting the information, a speaker should share it only, providing people a choice to admit it or not without alerting their perceptions.

An innumerable number of themes to tell about significantly complicates the choice. You can inform people about anything. A talented writer must perform it interestingly, grab all attention, and involve the listeners in the thinking process.  

The characteristics of a suitable topic are:

  • the impact on certain events;
  • overall meaning for society;
  • a set of several points of views;
  • a large scale of action;
  • being relevant.

Choosing an informative speech topic, prefer those which possess all these features to have success among listeners. Make sure that you understand the subject well enough to teach people. Using credible sources only is essential. 

An informative speech never appeals to emotions, relying on visualization and facts description. Make it remembering, maintaining the polite and neutral style of speaking. Demonstrate that this theme worries nearly everyone to emphasize the value of the provided information.


An outline should precede any informative speech writing. As soon you gather enough information for a monologue, divide it into the following parts:

  1. Introduction. You have about ten-fifteen seconds to catch the attention of the audience. So make your introductory part captivating and engaging, stating the thesis statement in it.
  2. Body chapters. There are usually three of them, but the amount may vary depending on the requirements. Each chapter must include one thought/argument and evidence.
  3. Conclusion. It observes the most significant facts without retelling them. The wrapping up part of the entire speech. Emphasize the value of the provided information and thank your listeners for their time.

An effectively structured informative speech provides a logical flowing between its parts. All facts should relate to the topic, described in chronological order. There are several modes of information representing:

  • defining the terms or object using synonyms and samples;
  • providing a description, designing an image of the spoken issue.

Regardless of the mode, listeners should get a visualized picture of what happens. Combining both techniques supplies an extensive context that connects to the mind of listeners.

Writing Tips

Despite its simplicity, providing the information without persuasive meaning appears to be uneasy. For instance, informing people about alcohol may suppose convincing people of reducing any alcohol consumption. After receiving this information, people enable the self-persuading process n their minds. 

But the purpose of an informative speech is to bring the information only. It does not aim to reassure or do any other kind of pressure on the minds. To avoid this effect, it makes sense to provide the pros and cons of the fact, issue, person, or object of the informative speech.

Here are the suggestions for writing an informative speech:

  1. Prospect the interests of your listeners. Find out what new they would like to know. Maintain the middle level of the information complexity. People may not have a deep understanding of the discussed issue.
  2. Speak naturally.  If your words sound book-smart, your speech will highly likely fail. To mention necessarily applicable terminology, an explanation of its meaning must precede. 
  3. Emphasize the importance of the theme. While providing an informative speech, it is necessary to deserve attention. Explain to people why they should spend their time listening to you.  
  4. Represent the topic interestingly. Expressing your passion towards the discussed thing engages your listeners and transmits the same energy. 
  5. Make a performance. Lots of informative content can sound moody, pushing away the attention. Express your creativity to maintain the level of high interest till the end of your monologue.
  6. Balance the details with general facts. A speech about nothing and everything is doomed to failure. Focus on specifications giving them like a raisin of your monologue without overburdening the entire text.

Respecting all these recommendations is a challenging task. But this will make your informative speech shining.

Informative Speech Topics

Choosing a sparkling topic is vital to catch the interest of listeners. Choose the idea you like the most from the list:


  • effect of fast food on human health;
  • mind activity stimulating products;
  • the connection of stable health and a good life;
  • East secrets of longevity;
  • advantages and disadvantages of sport;
  • the impact of dependencies on our well-being;
  • life without medicine;
  • complementary medicine;
  • health quality in people from megapolis;
  • home-made meals and their efficiency for the body.


  • racism and violence in the society;
  • the history of feminism;
  • gadgets in our life;
  • the impact of the scientific progress on the life level;
  • websites types;
  • ways to prevent pregnancy;
  • space exploration,
  • evidence of aliens existence;
  • monstrous creatures of the ocean;
  • the distinctive characteristics of a parliamentary republic. 

Moral Traits:

  • human behavior its consequences;
  • generosity as an extravagance of wealthy people;
  • charity and its causes;
  • lie and its destroying effect in the relationship;
  • compassion and its expression;
  • the existence of pure love;
  • true friendship for life;
  • the motivation for volunteering;
  • kindness and its wrong sides;
  • the meaning of devotion.


  • tattoos history;
  • the development path of vinyl discs;
  • movie industry of 21st century;
  • dreadlocks and their history;
  • hippiedom;
  • emo movement;
  • Disney factory;
  • eco-parks, dolphinarium, zoos, and circuses;
  • high-rope courses;
  • extreme kinds of sport.

Choose the most applicable and exciting subject for your meeting and gather applause.


Here is an example of an informative speech on the topic «The importance of money.»

Money (currency, bill, or cash) is an essential thing. Different countries name it differently: pounds in Great Britain, douche marks in Germany, dollars in the United States.

Money brings not a luxury only, but the subsistence needs impacting our life vastly and determine its level. Wealthy people can afford many pleasures while poor people live below the poverty line. 

In ancient times, people used to exchange things for delivering goods and services. But when the money appeared, everything has drastically changed. Buying or selling, we need money to get all we need. 

Money is the status rate. According to general standards, a person with quite a bill gets a more respectful attitude. A weak person in most life points does not call any dutiful affection, remaining pushed away from society. 

Many children experience humiliation on a financial basis since their school years. Their age mates often mock them and due to beggar look or lack of school supplies. These circumstances affect the mental health of the bullying victims, leaving a psychological trauma for all their future life. Also, the offshoots have to start working early to support their families. Labor at an early age causes giving up the education course. As a result, it pulls the plug on education and possible carrier in the future. Many people have been saving for life for years, planning their budget.

Hence, money is vital in our life. Using the budget wisely may not make you rich but will save you from deprivation. Helping those who are out of pocket is the pure quality of a decent human.

This informative speech explains the term money, represents its importance, and explains the sense of spendings planning. It does not contain any suggestions or persuasive facts, which is the primary sign of an informative monologue.

Summing Up

An excellently prepared informative speech can win the attention of the audience and attract. Choose the most exciting topic for yourself and people who will listen to you to turn the writing routine into fun. If you have no chance to choose a theme by yourself and the given one is hackneyed, research to find something extraordinary about the old one to bring fresh waves into the monologue. The brainstorming ideas are valuable.

Represent your topic enthusiastically and excitingly. Your positive mood will transmit your energy to people. They will listen to you with higher interest. Use silver tongue when you provide information to make a vivid and precise picture. Avoid moody trivial phrases.

An informative speech crafting demands time, but you can shorten this period by preparing the theme you know well. Remember that speaking in public requires oratory skills. Practice your declamation in the circle of your close friends or relatives not to feel lost in the conference room.

Your speech will be successful when you feel in the theme like a fish in water and can discuss it easily without holdbacks and hicks. Confident well-structured speaking without ink-horn terms will be met by listeners decently. 

Help From Experts

An informative speech preparation process consists of two parts: writing and representing to the public. Both of them need time, patience, and skills. However, the writing process is fundamental. Failing it, you will have nothing to represent to the public. Yet, if you have a perfect text, your chances for success are pretty high. 

Our company helps students with writing academic works. Applying for our services, you can be sure that the quality of your text is excellent. We provide papers that match the topic and all writing standards. Collaboration with us is your protection from plagiarism and errors. Our professional writers are high-class specialists with a weighty experience in writing academic assignments. 

We provide services on any subject and any academic paper works. Ordering your informative speech in our company, you release yourself from stress and sleepless nights. You will only need to represent it to your audience, which significantly reduces the time for preparations. 

Save your time and strengths to shine in public. Deliver a high-quality text to receive an excellent grade and admiration of your listeners. Turn the studying routine into a relaxing process. We are always at your services and ready to help around the clock.

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