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Writing A Narrative Essay: What To Pay Attention To, Choice Of Topics

Writing a narrative essay could be fun. If you hesitate, read the article and make sure that it can. The entirely understandable writing instructions for a narrative essay with a list of topics will make the writing process easy, fast, and qualitative. Save your time and learn it now. Your brilliant personal narrative essay and high grades are waiting for you.

A Narrative Essay: Definition, Specific Features, and Purpose

“What is a narrative essay” is an emotional story about personal experience or life events and their interactions at some period. Being an ordinary task at schools, it rightly deserves to be one of the most inspirational paperwork because everyone enjoys stories. A compelling narrative essay with a good structure always gets high grades.

A narrative essay is often confused with a descriptive one. However, these two genres of academic writing have the core difference. A descriptive essay focuses on one object, a person, an image, or a place. Unlike a narrative essay, it does not contain a sequence of events. Also, it does not have any plot at all or a foggy resemblance of it.

The purpose of a personal narrative essay is not limited to providing the news. It aims to send an emotional message to listeners, evoking their emotions. Since this narrative essay type allows total freedom in expressing feelings, a writer can analyze the situation or personal behavior. Many psychologists claim that writing about your personal experience is a perfect way to self-actualization. A personal narrative essay is not about research or discussion. It is rather about sharing, expressing a reflection, and attitude. 

It teaches students to explain their past events using creativity. The text should be informational, intriguing, and pleasant for listening or reading. 

Structure of a Narrative Essay

Although a narrative essay is a less academic piece of writing among all genres, a precise outline must precede. Narrative essay outline is obligatory, convenient to uphold the classic three chapters:

  1. Introduction part. It should include the background context, attention-grabber, a thesis statement, and an explanation of the topic value.
  2. Body chapters. A writer should introduce the main heroes of the story. Explain what happened, when, and why. Include your thoughts and emotions, which this case calls in you. The body paragraphs should be logically connected, starting from rising action, continuing to climax, and ending with falling action.
  3. Conclusion. It should refer to the thesis statement, tell the lessons you have learned or how this case has influenced you.

Depending on the length narrative essay format may have from three to five chapters. Write a story in the first person (or third person if other heroes are in). It would be nice to spice up the telling with some collision or even a conflict. Be as expressive as possible while describing people and sensations. The details of appearance, smells, tastes make sense. Yet exclude loose definitions, making your text easy-to-read.

Writing Recommendations

To write a remarkable narrative essay, choose the event from your life that impressed you, called intense emotions, which has become influential or tilt point. A well-written personal narrative essay gets readers involved in the plot. Recreation is more exciting for people than a usual account of events.

The chain of events should flow sequentially, relating the time and circumstances to each situation specifically. Use this technique to animate the story. Implement a detailed picture of the event. People, gazes, their feelings, smells, and sensations are perfect tools for that. 

To pique the interest, you can leave some detain in secret, letting them guess the continuation. Reaching a balance between telling and hushing up is a raisin of a narrative essay topics. If you can master this tactic, the impression of your storytelling will be unforgettable.

Add intrigue to your introduction of a narrative essay. A spinning out effusive storyline engages readers. If you represent a conflict, draw a parallel with the past times and nowadays. This impressive tension will not leave anyone indifferent.

Remember to use the events from your life without falsification and fiction. It matters what you think and feel. Don’t simply tell a story. Make a performance.

Best Narrative Essay Topics

Life is bright, unique, and vagarious. It becomes a breeding ground for multiple stories from your life. If you have no idea, use this clue-list for better inspiration.


  • the most frightening event you have ever had;
  • the best life lesson;
  • the story of your success;
  • home sweet home;
  • which of your childhood dreams has come true?
  • your favorite game;
  • the book that has changed your life vision;
  • the teenager movements you participated in and how they affected your future;
  • your first love;
  • the best friend for life.


  • the hardest life decision;
  • an example of a rebel from your life;
  • which morality issues worry you?
  • the biggest lie;
  • do you save the world from poverty?
  • spying, interception, and other eavesdropping actions;
  • the most hurting regret of your life;
  • have you ever been a volunteer?
  • helping to helpless;
  • have you ever picked up beachside trash or scavenged a street free of charge?

Imagine if You

  • Are a millionaire: how would you manage your expenses?
  • Had a time travel device: where would you go?
  • had different citizenship, which country of and why;
  • Are celebrity: whom would you be?
  • Live a tribal life: how do you imagine it?
  • Are the president: what would you do for your country?
  • Are 90 y.o.: how would you manage your life?
  • Are a movie director: what about it would it be?
  • Could travel to the world of dead people: whom do you want to meet?
  • Have a multi-children family: how would you build a relationship?

This sub-theme is one of the most frequently used among school students because it allows writing just about anything. There are no limits to imagination. Although it expects you to create a topic instead of telling about your experience, it discloses your features greatly. 

Narrative Essay Example

Here is an narrative essay examples on the topic «Giving a birth,» which contains a life experience.

When I got pregnant, I could not think that giving life is such a courageous step. I hoped to do it naturally without any external interference. During my pregnancy period, I explored various social networks where new mothers shared their experiences. It inspirited me and fulfilled me with more motivation to give birth without medical help and assistance. 

I was pretty sure that controlling my body when my child appears is enough. However, once I got into the hospital, I felt how a wave of fear paralyzing my body. Each cell of mine was afraid that I could not maintain control under the process, which could appear harmful for my baby.

My frightened condition made the doctors start the birth-giving process. They calmed me down as I was shivering. I felt the raised blood pressure even without measuring it. I was not sure if I could control the blood loss and was trying to focus on that. Despite all my efforts, it didn’t depend on me, being something I could not prepare in advance.

The process of giving birth lasted ten hours. The medical workers were near all the time, trying to stabilize my emotional state. When I feel that my baby is coming out, the fear was retreating. The feeling of time in the hospital room felt differently. Without clocks, I would never believe that I spent such a long time there. The sense of fear played its role here as well.

Giving birth is more stressful than anyone can think. With the increasing anxiety, I felt sick. I tried to focus my mind on the pictures of my baby coming out of me. But the cries in my mind prevented me from that. It felt like I drank a whirlwind cocktail, experiencing stress, anxiety, combined with a feeling of challenge. But the motivation to become a mother saved me.

Within ten hours, midwives put my baby on my breasts. The fear defeated, replaced with the deep feeling of pride. When I heard the heartbeat of my baby, I felt high-powered. And happy that I have found the strength to overcome this personal challenge. Congratulations from the medical staff were returning me to life. This experience was breathtaking and have taught me to humble my dears.

This narrative essay examples is visual presentations of a challenge, emotions that accompanied it, and the life lesson. These are the main aspects of a narrative essay.

Summing Up

Choosing the best topic for a narrative essay is half of the job. It makes writing a funny and exciting way to perform personal experience. Narrative essay rarely become short stories due to extensive description and emotional connection. Most of them are successful when they transmit the natural flow of feelings, creating a truthful and relevant personal narrative essay. Also, they should leave a reader the head-scratcher, containing the conclusion you have made and ready to share with society.

Consider your topic, describe the events chronologically, fulfill it with meaningful details providing supporting evidence. And your narrative is ready.

When writing a narrative, it is necessary to craft an outline for fulfilling the paper illuminating the brightest remembrances and thoughts, casting aside the minor ones. Recall the most exciting reminiscences from your past and start writing your impressive narrative essay today. Do not forget to dedicate time to editing and proofreading. Even the most talented writers need to check themselves.

At the end of the writing process, check out if the points are clear, do not have gasps of events. Make sure that conclusion you have made relates to the entire story.

Writing Services

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We specialize in providing professional assistance for students of all levels. Any discipline and any subject are within our scope of abilities. We are always at your service either for school students who need a home task narrative essay or write graduate paperwork.

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Thanks to our services, deadlines are not a problem anymore. Order your narrative essay in our company, enjoy your time, and be sure to receive an excellent grade from your professor. Affordable prices are the notable benefit of the advantages mentioned above. 

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